Tedra’s Cultural Arts Braid Experience

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Tedra’s Cultural Arts Braid Experience

We proudly give braid classes to children of all ages and introduce the necessary skills to be financially sustainable within the industry. Our students will learn the history, art, and business of braiding. 

We have identified a large gap between braiders and new technology and software, that can help braiders stay ahead of the game with marketing and promotions. 


We can provide the right resources, volunteers, materials, software and technology to accomplish our mission.

As we capitalize on the time and attention of the youth, we encourage a
consistent positive mindset, a healthy work ethic, and respect for self
and others!

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About Us

A nonprofit organization that offers braids and braid classes for all ages!

We specialize in educating scholars the history of braiding and all of its benefits. Braiding is a form of art that has been proven to be therapeutic, lucrative, and all around empowering craft!

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Why We Need Your Help?

we capitalize on the time and attention of the youth, by mentoring them and teaching them a skill, they are already interested in. Learning the art of braids can be a vital financial benefit and therapeutic for all ages.

By remaining consistent, and introducing new ideas, skills, technology and software to our youth, we as a whole can help create positive social bonds, increase graduation rates, deter teen crime activity, instill quality work ethic, and advanced business knowledge....


Our scholars are awarded with exclusive classes by the best stylist, business owners, coaches, mentors, entrepreneurs, artists, and anyone who can help us expand the innovative minds of the youth in our community.

Our services

Braid Classes:

Sundays for All Ages.
Must Register Before Each Class (No Kit)

$25 12:00pm-3:00pm

One on One Classes.

(Full Curriculum)

Must Book in Advance. For adults and children.

We know what it takes to take fragments of lives and make them whole again. We just have braid fun while doing it. DONATE TODAY! BE APART OF A CHILDS' BRIGHT FUTURE.

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6160 Ulmerton Rd #11

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